Audio stream recording

I was looking for software to record an audio stream. I use to listen to streams with VLC – not the most comfortable way, but works for me (I listen to very few different streams). So I tried with VLC. It works but in a rather clumsy way. I wanted something more easily usable. So I stumbled on Streamripper. I liked the idea of a simple console program first, but then fancied a front-end. I decided using a Java front-end. I downloaded Streamtastic. It works, again, in a rather clumsy way. On Windows 7, double-clicking the .jar file works perfectly. However, the .jar file cannot be pinned to the task bar. So I started playing with different options to turn a .jar file into something Windows understands. First, I wrote a good old .bat (batch) file. Pretty outdated, eh? A simple command like “java -jar \pathto\streamtastic.jar” works nicely. But two problems remain: a shell window pops up and stays, and it still cannot be pinned to the task bar. (I wonder why. I feel a little stupid by now.) So I tried another way. I created a shortcut to “java.exe -jar …”. This one can be pinned to the task bar. I feel relief. The shell window is still popping up. And I was just about to be happy to live with this fact, I fancied a different thought. Maybe the Internet can provide some help. On Superuser, the same idea as mine popped up, but it had a twist. It was recommended to use javaw.exe to get rid of the shell. So I modified the shortcut and had what I was looking for. It provides me with the possibility to record my favourite audio streams from the Internet, including Couleur 3 and DLF. It does not provide playback, but I prefer to continue listening through VLC anyway. I have not tried other front-ends yet. Not sure if I want to. Interestingly, a story about the legality of recording streams from the Internet is reported on (the German language) Wikipedia. It was a fun night.


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