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Umgang mit durchgehenden Nummernkreisen in einem ERP-Anwendungsfall

Problem: Belege mit einem durchgehenden Nummernkreis müssen erzeugt werden. Die Reihenfolge der Erzeugung ist unbestimmt. Bereits erzeugte Belege können erneut erzeugt werden (etwa nach Korrekturen). Man kann sich viele Methoden überlegen, um mit so einem Problem umzugehen. Man könnte weitere … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like the “Impl” suffix in code

A suffix is part of the name of a class. As it is part of the name, it should transfer some kind of meaning about the class’ function and its position in the application. Sometimes, the suffix “Impl” is being … Continue reading

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Recording audio directly from the sound card

Some Internet radio stations do not provide mp3 streams or similar open access to their content. Flash players are being used by some of the best Internet radio stations. Audio recording is not easy just having a Flash audio stream. … Continue reading

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Comparing .NET DateTime Objects

The .NET DateTime type has lots of issues, as has been noted many times. However, it is appealing due to its (seeming) simplicity. An important task when working with timestamps is comparing them. It seems that when you compare two … Continue reading

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Posting a HTML form with AJAX

Sometimes it is necessary to post the data from a HTML form not by using a submit request (e.g. through a submit button or a (JQuery) submit call) but by using an asynchronous request. This may come handy for example … Continue reading

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Claims-based authentication for ASP.NET/MVC applications (Part 1)

Remember that before setting up a claims-based application, use NuGet to obtain some packages for your application (even in VS2013 with .NET 4.5.1). Look for “identitymodel” in NuGet.

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Canvas (HTML 5) Mouse Position

Want to know the position of the mouse pointer within your <canvas> element? Use jQuery? This code works in IE, Firefox, and Chrome: $(“#canvas_id”).mousedown(function (event) { var offset_x = event.pageX – $(this).offset().left; var offset_y = event.pageY – $(this).offset().top; // do … Continue reading

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