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Comparing .NET DateTime Objects

The .NET DateTime type has lots of issues, as has been noted many times. However, it is appealing due to its (seeming) simplicity. An important task when working with timestamps is comparing them. It seems that when you compare two … Continue reading

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Posting a HTML form with AJAX

Sometimes it is necessary to post the data from a HTML form not by using a submit request (e.g. through a submit button or a (JQuery) submit call) but by using an asynchronous request. This may come handy for example … Continue reading

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Canvas (HTML 5) Mouse Position

Want to know the position of the mouse pointer within your <canvas> element? Use jQuery? This code works in IE, Firefox, and Chrome: $(“#canvas_id”).mousedown(function (event) { var offset_x = event.pageX – $(this).offset().left; var offset_y = event.pageY – $(this).offset().top; // do … Continue reading

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Simple Windows Task Scheduling (With a Bit of Python)

In Windows, there is the graphical tool Task Scheduler, which allows to, well, schedule tasks. It’s nice, but it’s not scriptable. So we go for the command line here. First, we write a small Python program, which represents the actual … Continue reading

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Audio stream recording

I was looking for software to record an audio stream. I use to listen to streams with VLC – not the most comfortable way, but works for me (I listen to very few different streams). So I tried with VLC. … Continue reading

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